The City Church’s leaders are joyfully committed to helping couples understand the beauty of Christ-centered marriage and equipping engaged men and women for the lifelong relationship of marriage, ministry, and mission God has called you to. We believe that intentional time and discussions before your wedding, helps set your upcoming marriage on the right track toward becoming what God intends—for you, each other, and others who will be impacted by your marriage.

To this end, various elders are available to officiate weddings, and premarital mentoring is available to partners (members) of The City Church, and to those who are regularly involved with our church family. (These are occasionally open to others, but as a case-by-case basis varying elder to elder) .

The six sessions of premarital mentoring must be carried out at least two weeks apart (over at least 12 weeks total), to give engaged couples time for reading, listening, discussion, and other helpful prep work you complete before each session. Sessions may be added depending on a couple’s unique needs. The successful completion of this mentoring waives the waiting period for, and earns you a discount on, your state marriage license, and is required for a City Church elder to perform your wedding.

If you wish for one of our elders to perform your wedding, or if you have questions about premarital mentoring, email one of our elders  or for more information. Our Lancaster City Center is available to rent for weddings. We do not control the rental of Texas Girls Choir, where we meet most Sundays; you may contact them here.