Wednesdays from June 12-July 31
Men: Lancaster City Center
Shop Small Fort Worth – The Collective 7:00pm

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This Summer we will be preaching through the Sermon on the Mount. These chapters in the Gospel of Matthew are some of the best known and least understood teachings of Jesus. I personally love this passage and God has used it in powerful ways in my life. It shows us how the citizens of the Kingdom of God are to live counter-culturally while at the same time revealing the depth of our need for rescue through Jesus.

Not only will we be studying this passage on Sundays for the Summer, but we will also be going through it together in men’s and women’s Summer Bible studies that are getting kicked off June 12th! These men’s and women’s studies are something new for us, but I believe that they will have a big impact on our growth as disciples of Jesus. I want to encourage you to plan on participating in this study a group of 3-5 men or women focused on helping one another grow as disciples. You may already be in a Fight Club (that’s what we have called these smaller, more intimate groups) or there may be a few men or women in your City Group that you’d to journey alongside this Summer. Either of those would be ideal for the environment we are wanting to cultivate. However, feel free to just show up and we can get you situated with a table.

The format of the time will allow for a deeper dive into the text that was preached on the Sunday before and an extended time to discuss how we are applying it (and need help applying it) to our lives. My not-so-subtle hope is that this time would catalyze and strengthen consistent gospel relationships across our church.

I know that many of you are traveling or have some type of different rhythm for the Summer. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to all eight weeks! You will be able to jump in and pick up where you left off. In order to help you plan well, here are some key details and answers to a few questions that you may have: