Prayer & Reading

There’s no one right way, length, or time of day, to spend intentional time with God. But to help you develop habits, and to help you dwell with God through reading & meditating on the Bible & through prayer, here’s a simple pattern to follow regularly throughout the week, by yourself or with others. While more time is of course OK, you should be able to complete this in 20-30 minutes a day:

  • Approach: Think of the privilege of prayer. Ponder God’s presence and ask Him to help you understand his Scriptures & pray rightly
  • Read the Bible (passages from the guides below or otherwise): Consider:
    • How does this text help me praise God?
    • Is there sin/unwisdom this text points out, that I need to confess?
    • Does this text show me anything to ask God for?
    • How, by God’s grace and Spirit, would my life change if taken seriously?
  • Pray the Bible: Turn the answers to your questions into prayers
  • General Prayer: Praise/thank God; submit needs and concerns to Him (monthly guides below have areas we encourage you to pray for). Also spend time in silence; write down your thoughts & consider how they might be from God.
  • Reflect: End by taking a moment to enjoy God and his presence, and to praise and thank Him for what he showed you today

Monthly Guides

Each month we post Prayer + Reading Guides on this page, as well as seasonal Spotify playlists and other resources, as a few resource among many to help you if you need a place to start. For even more resources, here are our One-Year Bible plan and Fight Club resources.