Sharing the Gospel Everyday, Locally and Globally
Through the gospel (link), God delivers us from our slavery to sin and self so that we can freely serve him by the power of his Spirit (Rom 6:18-22). As missionaries, we seek tangible ways to love and serve others and pursue compassion, mercy and justice, like Jesus did. We proclaim Jesus in everyday ways. And we strive to cultivate a lifestyle of simplicity and generosity to worship Jesus and fight the common idols of comfort, affluence, and success.

Everyday Mission

Because our City Groups are “families of servant missionaries,” they are our primary avenue for The City Church’s everyday mission. Each City Group identifies needs in their mission fields and works together to meet those needs, while pointing toward Jesus as the one true answer to life’s every need. If you need help knowing how to start live on mission with us, talk with your City Group leader, get in touch with one of the organizations mentioned below, or contact us.

Local Mission

In addition to everyday mission in our City Groups, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces, we put our collective efforts behind those ministries started and led by our partners (link to partnership). These include The Net [ministering to homeless, refugee, and sexually exploited communities], The Dash Network [DFW asylum-seeker housing], and The Identify Network [equipping churches for gospel responses to those on the fringes of society].

Global Mission

Long-term, we raise up and send global missionary teams through Frontiers, to unreached Muslim people groups around the world. We have sent and currently support multiple City Church families in Eastern Africa and Asia. Short-term, we support and send teams to Ethiopia through Help One Now, where we help create a culture of gospel-centered adoption through the local church in Ethiopia, as well as address other needs and injustices. And as part of our involvement with the Soma Family of Churches, The City Church sponsors Soma School and Soma Sending, training folks across the US and beyond to lead Missional Communities and plant churches.