Equipping the Saints, Fostering Ministry and Mission

Jesus is head of his Church. The Bible describes God’s Church as existing through him and for him, and any other local church leader in submission to him. The titles the Bible gives to church leaders are “elder” (which usually means the same as “Pastor”) and “deacon.” The City Church’s elders and deacons are listed below [alphabetically by first name] with their primary oversight.


Elders (also called “pastors” and “overseers” in the BIble) are biblically-qualified men who lead the church. They submit to Christ and each other as they humbly serve as examples to the church, oversee the direction of the church, protect the church by teaching sound biblical doctrine, and shepherd God’s people in both individual and corporate spiritual growth. The City Church’s elders lead together, are equal in authority and accountability, unique in function, and unified in direction and vision.

Andrew Rubinson


Ben Connelly



Deacons (also called “servants” or “ministers” in the Bible) are biblically-qualified men and women who carry out specific roles in the church. They champion, foster and implement various ministries, under the oversight of the elder team.

Kathy Rollings

Deacon for KidCity


Luke Byford

Deacon for A/V and Communications


Tina Howard

Deacon for City Groups


Brayden Hudson

Deacon for Finance


Trey Smith

Deacon  for
Family Discipleship
(incl. Elementary & Students)