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The City Church’s philosophy of “children’s ministry” is founded on three biblical truths:

  1. parents are the primary disciplers of their children;
  2.  the church must equip parents to disciple their children
  3. the church community must come alongside parents as they disciple their children

As the African proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Family discipleship plays out primarily in homes, on Sundays, and in City Group meetings.

Family Discipleship at Home

Each Gathered Sunday, family resource sheets will be available in the back of the gathering space or in your child’s class when you pick them up from KidCity or Big KidCity.  These sheets give a Bible passage/story and some questions to discuss at home in order to to equip parents to be the first to introduce their children to the text and themes that will be covered the following Sunday.

A team of parent mentors is also available to help parents know what to expect in various stages of a child’s growth, as well as how to model gospel fluency, ask your kids “heart questions,” speak to and discipline them with intentionality, and to learn how to train your children in a biblical manner. Through regular classes designed to equip parents for the next stage of your child’s life, and through being available as parents need them, our mentors are here to help you know how to react to unique situations that arise in your family.

Kids on Sundays

During quarterly Scattered Sundays, we encourage families and City Groups to find meaningful ways to include children in the worship/activity. On Gathered Sundays, parents have two options: you are welcome to keep kids of any age with you for the entire gathering (you’ll find Sunday sheets with activities to help kids engage with the contents of each gathering) or KidCity and Big KidCity offer kid-specific environments during most Sunday Gatherings.

Occasionally we have Family Gatherings where KidCity rooms will close and families will stay together during the Gathering.


KidCity (Birth – Age 5)

Parents sign your preschoolers in and take them to age-specific rooms at the beginning of Sunday gatherings*. Our nursery is a safe, healthy, fun space for babies, with lots of planned learning experiences including stories, songs, and play, designed specifically for the youngest minds. And our preschool rooms are exciting, action-filled, safe places where your kids hear the Bible story and verses that parents introduced the previous week. We surround that story with songs, imaginative play, art, and other fun experiences, shaped specifically around preschool abilities.

Big KidCity (Kinder – 5th Grade)

Elementary kids begin each Sunday in the church gathering with their parents. For families who choose to participate in Big KidCity, kids are dismissed before the sermon, and follow that week’s teachers to an elementary-specific time of games, activities, relationship-building, with other elementary kids in The City Church, as well as a lesson that echoes the previous week’s ____, and is shaped specifically for kinder – 2nd, or 3rd – 5th grades*

*As Gatherings move into response and closing songs, most weeks we encourage parents to bring their children back into the Gathering, to observe communion as a family and to and worship with their parents. But unless your child is a believer in Jesus, they should refrain from partaking in communion.

Kids in City Groups

City Group meetings rarely follow a single format. Some weeks kids remain engaged in the City Group’s activity; other weeks, some City Groups send kids of varying ages into a different room for age-specific discussion. Many groups use the ____ from the previous week, so that kids hear the same truths their parents already taught them, reiterated by those in The City Church family who are most involved in their lives. This varies group to group, sometimes depending on kids’ ages, and week to week.

Join “Family Discipleship” onthecity for discussions and resources for parents and kids

See our calendar for age-specific events for parents, preschoolers, and elementary kids

Click here for info on kids older than 5th Grade