When followers of Jesus are baptized, they fulfill Jesus’ command and identify with his death and resurrection, symbolically dying to sin and rising to new life in Christ (Rom 6:1-10; Col 2:12). If God has redeemed you through the blood of Christ, whether yesterday or decades ago, we encourage you to follow Jesus’ command and be baptized as a public proclamation of that faith. If you are ready for this step of obedience, or simply have questions about it, talk to your City Group or an elder (link to leader page).

Partnership (Membership)

Joining a local church is more than a commitment to consistent attendance or even active involvement. It is a sacred call to be involved in the redemptive work of our sovereign God to push back the darkness of a fallen world with the light of His Son, Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a call to commit to a family of Christians who care for each other as much as we each care for ourselves. It is a call to live out the unity through our love for God and love for others. To be a biblical Christian is to invest your life in a local church.

The City Church calls our covenanted members “partners,” to emphasize the fact that we are far more than mere spectators; we band together as a family of servant missionaries for the glory of God and the good of our cities.

If you’ve been baptized and are interested in becoming a partner with The City Church:

1. Pursue Jesus in everyday life

Love Jesus, use your Bible, live out of the new identity you’ve been given in the gospel through the rhythms of ordinary life. Be faithful to The City Church (regularly involve yourself in the daily life of a City Group, participate in Sundays and other events, and give of your time and finances).

2. Complete the Partnership Class

This multi-week class, usually held three times a year, introduces you to why and how we live as we do, what partners can expect of leaders and what leaders expect of partners, and our unwavering commitment to Jesus and his gospel.

3. Meet with an Elder and Sign Your Covenant

Here you’ll have a chance to celebrate ways that Jesus is at work in your life, discuss how you involve yourself in the life and mission of our church, review our Partnership Covenant, and ask any questions. This is often a very encouraging time for everyone involved. Once you covenant in partnership we’ll celebrate and pray for you at an upcoming partner meeting.